Visualization server based on LODSPeaKr

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What is Visualbox?

Visualbox is a "special edition" of LODSPeaKr focused in allowing people to create visualizations using Linked Open Data.

Check out some demos showing what you can do with Visualbox.

Visualbox virtual machine

If you want to try Visualbox but don't want to install it and configure it in your machine, you can download a pre-configured virtual machine ready to be used.

Simplest Installation

Simply go to your web server root directory (e.g., /var/www/visualizations) and run

bash < <(curl -sL

You will be required to answer 2 questions:

  • What is the location of visualbox? If you are running the script in /var/www/visualizations it is highly likely it will be http://localhost/visualizations or http://yourdomainname/visualizations
  • What is the URL of your SPARQL endpoint? Where should Visualbox look to execute SPARQL queries (e.g.,

Finally, give write permissions to the web server in visualbox/meta, visualbox/cache, visualbox/ and visualbox/components. This can be done in several ways:

  • sudo chown WEBSERVERUSER visualbox/meta visualbox/cache visualbox/ visualbox/components
    • Note You can find the name of your web server user by running ps aux|egrep "apache|httpd|www" |egrep -v "grep|root"|awk '{print $1}'|uniq
  • Alternatively you can run chmod -R 777 visualbox/meta visualbox/cache visualbox/ visualbox/components but this is highly discouraged

Now you can go to http://localhost/visualizations and you should see the welcome page. You can check now How to create a new visualization

More documentation on installation of LODSPeaKr/Visualbox is available at the LODSPeaKr wiki