Linked Open Data Simple Publishing Kit

What is LODSPeaKr?

LODSPeaKr is an Open Source framework to create Linked Data applications and publish RDF data in a fast way and without much effort.

Why another system for publishing LOD?

How do I install LODSPeaKr?

In order to use LODSPeaKr, you only need Apache + PHP5 + Git (optional but highly recommended). It also makes use of ARC2 and Haanga (included in LODSPeaKr). There are several ways to install LODSPeaKr. Probably the easiest is to open a terminal and run

bash < <(curl -skL http://lodspeakr.org/install)

and follow the instructions. For more information, please go to the installation page and check the requirements if you don't get your system working after completing the installation process.

What can I do with LODSPeaKr?

Check some Demos and applications created using LODSPeaKr.

Ok, what's next?

You can check the Requirements needed to make LODSPeaKr work, as well as some information about other ways to install it. Once everything is working, you can take a look at the wiki in general or go directly to the most basic pages:

I have a question, where can I find help?

You may consider joining the mailing list, where you can ask questions and share experience with LODSPeaKr.